White Paper: Are You Safe in Your Home? The Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution

How much do you really know about indoor air pollution? Here are some facts, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

– Indoor pollutant levels can be more than 100 times higher than levels of outdoor pollution.
– Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors.
– The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution one of the top five environmental risks to public health.

The truth is that while many people are well aware of the dangers of outdoor pollution, they may not even realize that the air they’re breathing inside their own home could be hazardous to their health. 

In our latest white paper, we address the topic of indoor air pollution and answer the following questions: 

– What are the common types of indoor air pollution and how do they get into your home?
What are the health effects associated with each type of indoor air pollution?
Who is most at risk of being affected by each type of indoor air pollution?
– What are some effective ways to improve your indoor air quality?

 Learn the facts about indoor air pollution and make sure the air inside your home is healthy and safe. Click here to read our white paper.  

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