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RxAir Device Destroys Tuberculosis, Measles

Tuberculosis (TB) bacteria and measles viruses hang unseen in the air for hours, even days, waiting to infect unvaccinated victims who inhale them. The new RxAir® UV air purification system by UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT) has been proven to destroy more than 99% of airborne tuberculosis bacteria and measles viruses, effectively reducing exposure for everyone in the room, including unvaccinated individuals.

“We all need to breathe and not everyone is vaccinated, so it is imperative to look at reducing airborne exposure, which is the primary mode of transmission for both TB and measles,” stated Bryan Stone, MD, Chief of Medicine, Desert Regional Medical Center.  “Hospitals have long been using germicidal UV air purifiers to combat the airborne pathogens on a continuous basis. Now, there is a portable floor model available to consumers, schools and businesses from RxAir that utilizes the same proven UV light technology hospitals use to fight these deadly pathogens. The key to RxAir UV light air purifier’s effectiveness is that it forces extended exposure of the bacteria and viruses to powerful UV light, effectively inactivating them.”

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Reduce Your Exposure to Airborne Diseases and Harmful Pathogens

Airborne diseases, such as tuberculosis, measles, influenza, strep, MRSA, pneumonia, and the common cold are emitted when infected individuals (even those who aren’t showing symptoms) exhale, cough, sneeze, sing or talk. Very tiny droplets that carry the disease viruses and/or bacteria can be inhaled into the lungs or land in the mouths, noses or eyes of people who are nearby and begin to infect their new host by overwhelming their immune system. Less often, a person might become infected by touching an object that has an infectious virus or bacteria on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. …
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These Household Items That Cause Indoor Air Pollution MAY Surprise You

When your indoor air quality is compromised, you risk experiencing uncomfortable symptoms – or even falling seriously ill. Unfortunately, there are many causes of indoor air pollution, and some of these go unrecognized and may even be present in your home.

In today’s post, we’ll examine a few surprising items in your home that could be reducing the quality of your air:

Carpets – Many new carpets contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which, when inhaled, can cause people to suffer from headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, difficulty breathing and other potentially serious symptoms. And, even low-VOC carpets have the tendency to collect VOCs, dust mites, pet dander and other particulates.

Furniture – Certain types of furniture may contain …
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