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Protect Cancer Patients With UV-C Light Air Purifiers

Chemotherapy treatments for cancer weaken patients’ immune systems. UV-C light air purifiers play a critical role in protecting patients by removing viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi pathogens from the air. Normally our bodies fend these off with ease but with a weakened immune systems this can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses for cancer patients.

Many oncologists recommend that patients receiving chemotherapy use air purifiers in their homes as one of the precautions to lower their risk of infection. Most hospitals employ UV light air purification systems throughout their facilities, but particularly in areas serving patients with weakened immune systems from cancer, AIDS, transplant medication or other conditions. Now, the same UV light air purifier technology employed in hospital air purification systems is available to consumers in an affordable, room-size unit for use in homes, classrooms and offices.

The RxAir® Air Purification System has been independently tested by an EPA- and FDA-certified laboratory, with results confirming that it effectively destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, including the flu, pneumonia, strep, MRSA, TB, measles, the common cold and more.

RxAir also reduces odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), an added benefit for cancer patients who often become more sensitive to smell and suffer from nausea triggered by odors and VOCs.

Not all UV light air purifiers are created equal. You’ll want to consider the following factors to ensure you purchase an air purifier that effectively inactivates dangerous pathogens and protects your health:

  1. the intensity of the UV light
  2. the proximity of the pathogen to the light
  3. length of time to which the pathogens are exposed to the UV-C light
  4. whether the fan is powerful enough to circulate the air in a given space through the air purifier at least three times an hour
  5. choose a non-ozone producing UV light air purifier
  6. avoid ionizer air purifiers, as they produce ozone

For more information on what to look for in effective air purifiers, see the article: Do UV air purifiers really work?

UV Light Air Purifiers are Tested and Proven to Work

Endorsed by Leading Hospital Infection Control Expert!

Because RxAir has passed rigorous testing for effectively reducing airborne pathogens, RxAir has been tested by Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski, a leading authority on aerobiological infection control and UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) who hundreds of hospitals turn to for advice on hospital infection control. He has written “Hospital Airborne Infection Control,” “Aerobiological Engineering Handbook: A Guide to Airborne Disease Control Technologies,” and numerous whitepapers that many consider as the definitive industry guides on the subject.