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Protect students and teachers with the RxAir 400 Air Purifier

Educators and experts agree – in-person learning is best. RxAir can help.

See How Eagle Hill Schools implemented
RxAir Purifiers for school safety - Case Study

The RxAir 400 Air Purifier removes 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses, as well as mold, fungi, pollution and allergens. Unlike other air purifiers, which merely trap pathogens, the RxAir destroys them with safe, ultraviolet light.

This is confidently clean air you can count on. Students and teachers can feel safe, and your school may even experience fewer absences and sick days.

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What to expect
from the RxAir 400
Air Purifier

It does the work for you.

The RxAir constantly removes harmful viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, for cleaner, healthier air 24/7.

Pathogens are destroyed.

Other air purifiers merely trap pathogens in dirty air filters. The RxAir destroys them inside its patented ViraTech UV-C light chamber.

Simple, worry-free use.

Get started with the push of a button and spend just a few minutes a year on maintenance.

Coverage and convenience.

Get up to 800 square feet of coverage and enjoy easy movement throughout your building.

Noticeably better air quality.

Crisper, cleaner air can be observed almost immediately. Many people report higher productivity levels.

It removes offensive odors.

The RxAir reduces the concentrations of odors and volatile organic compounds

Hear how RxAir works from a Doctor

School and RxAir

Additional Benefits & Features

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