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The RxAir 3000M meets requirements of the HRSA Critical Benchmark 2.2 for Surge Capacity Isolation, so IT COULD BE FREE to your hospital.

For over twelve years, leading hospitals across the country have trusted the RxAir name.

The RxAir 3000M can be deployed full time on a daily basis protecting facilities against deadly airborne pathogens, while other brands of surge isolation units sit idle in storage awaiting disaster events.

AnteRoom Negative Pressure Isolation–
It’s as easy as one, two, FREE!

Our new AnteRoom Negative Pressure Intake Adaptor gives hospitals yet another option in utilizing RxAir’s industry leading air purification system in Surge Isolation. Fitted with the 3000M, hospitals can now choose the surge isolation scenario that best suits their needs.

RxAir’s adaptor gives you the ability to leverage the best filtration system for infection control with leading portable ante room applications. The 3000M certified filter module, in combination with the built-in UV-C Irradiation system, insures the level of protection that you require in your infectious isolation practices.

The 3000M, with the AnteRoom Negative Pressure Adaptor Kit has been deployed all over hospital systems to address the Isolation Surge Benchmarks. Healthcare systems now have more flexibility for the uses of a product designed for infection control.

Adapt the 3000M to work with leading brands of AnteRoom installations for temporary surge isolation.

RxAir Advantages

  • Bio-Medical designed purification system with 12 years of hospital experience, versus a filter system that was designed for construction application. 
  • The 3000M is an FDA Class II device.
  • A built–in UV-C system keep unit sterile to eliminate cross contamination
  • Each Patented, 5- Stage Filter Module is independently tested by a 3rd party lab, certified in an actual efficiency test.
  • Designed for use throughout your hospital daily versus a unit that is stored and deployed only when you have a surge isolation need.


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