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Product Feature Summary:

  • All-Weather design for use in the elements
  • Three horsepower, variable control, belt drive
  • industrial grade motor with 1 and 1/8” shaft
  • Heavy duty, all terrain casters for field applications
  • Designed to run in-line to ecu units, or run as a stand alone unit, providing purified air supply to emergency shelters or facilities
  • System maintains positive or negative pressure of
  • 0.01” wg for isolation to meet cdc guidelines for infection control
  • Designed for homeland security & military applications

Introducing the RxAir6500-EM

For over a decade, RxAir™ has designed and manufactured bio-medically engineered air purification systems to assist healthcare facilities in protecting their staff and patients against infectious airborne pathogens.

Now, our expertise in providing negative pressure isolation for surge capacity inside the hospital is taking a new form.

The 6500-EM is engineered for use with rapid deployment emergency shelters, field hospitals and command and control posts. The 6500-EM is designed to automatically control negative/positive pressure for surge isolation capacity during a disaster or pandemic event.

The RxAir™ 6500-EM’s powerful design allows you to supply your shelter with purified air (In-Line) with the ECU system from the start, rather than having to treat impure air from a standard HVAC deployment. The 6500-EM can also run stand alone to add specific options for use in various contained areas of the shelter.

These units utilize the same patented 5-stage HEPA medical-grade filtration system as hundreds of RxAir™ units in operation today and can be outfitted with a chemical and biological filtration system specifically outfitted for Homeland Security and Military Applications.

Comparing the 6500-EM and 3250-EM

Portable, All Weather
Portable, All Weather
2,500 CFM
1,250 CFM
12 ACH in spaces up to 12,500 CF
12 ACH in spaces up to 6,250 CF
99.99% @ .3 Microns*
99.99% @ .3 Microns*
33” W x 41 & 1/8” L x 63” H
33” W x 41 & 1/8” L x 63” H
280 lbs.
260 lbs.
40 lbs. (2 @ 20 lbs. ea.)
20 lbs.
Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy Case
Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy Case
Ozone Free Germicidal UV @ 253.7nm
Ozone Free Germicidal UV @ 253.7nm
Power, Filter, Pressure
Power, Filter, Pressure
Three phase, 230VAC 8A; 60Hz
Three phase, 230VAC 8A; 60Hz
16 inch
16 inch

* Each filter is individually and independently certified with an efficiency test rating. 99.99% is the maximum efficiency level. Minimum efficiency is 99.97%.

Common features of the 6500-EM and 3250-EM Control Panel

  • Automatic, Pressurized, Sealed All-Weather
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Pressure Monitor
  • Check Filter Indicator
  • Visual & Audible Alarms Codes
  • Adjustable alarm settings
  • Micro-processor w/data port for logging of pressure monitoring and alarm codes*

Optional features for both units

  • Ozone Generation for additional sterilization method of the air purification unit*
  • Software Package for data logging*
  • Web browser capability for access on web
  • Remote notification of alarm status to PDA, Cell, Pager*

With these optional features, the 6500-EM and the 3250-EM easily outfit for Chemical and Biological Defense.

  • Emergency chemical biological options For 6500-EMCB & 3250-EMcb
  • Chemical adsorption filtration pack specifically designed for Homeland Security applications
  • Chemical adsorption filtration pack specifically designed to meet military applications—protection against cyanogens chloride (CK), Sarin (GB), hydrogen cyanide (AC) and Industrial gases such as chlorine

*Denotes feature availability on the production models

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