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All RxAir products comply with NIOSH & CDC Recommendations, and are certified to UL electrical safety standards.

5-year limited warranty.

RxAir Air Purifiers qualify under FEMA disaster reimbursement.

RxAir 3000 Air Purifier

At first glance, it’s obvious that the RxAir 3000 was designed for medical use. A number of small design features make the RxAir line of air purification systems an industry leader within the medical community. These small details make a huge difference in product performance.

For example, a precision, aerodynamic grill system made of anodized extruded aluminum, combined with a molded internal air plenum, has been designed to deliver great circulation with a 1200 foot per minute velocity to insure high performance. The bi-directional grill system costs more to manufacture, but insures the best air circulation possible.

The 5-stage patented high flow design HEPA filtration is what sets the 3000 apart and excels in performance. Additionally, a UV irradiation system is a standard feature with the RxAir 3000M. It is designed to provide a sterile environment within the unit to eliminate contamination.

RxAir’s commitment to quality is in every product we ship. Each modular filter is tested and certified by an independent, internationally recognized testing lab subjected to a HOT DOP (dicoctylphthalate), aerosol efficiency test. Most manufacturers of this type of equipment make efficiency claims with the results of a cold scan test. This procedure is not an efficiency test.

It’s nice to know that even if you’re not considering the RxAir 3000 for medical purposes, it was designed to meet those tough standards. That means everyday performance that’s so much more than average.

Product Design And Engineering

The RxAir 3000 was designed by a team of biomedical engineers under one of the world’s largest healthcare endowments, where it was tested extensively to meet the specific demands of the medical community.

NEGATIVE PRESSURE ISOLATION:The RxAir 3000M can be used to convert a standard room into a negative pressure surge isolation area in a matter of minutes. The solution follows the CDC recommendations and meets the HRSA Critical Benchmark for 2.2 surge isolation. And for hospitals, that’s good news because it can be reimbursable under the HRSA grant program for hospital preparedness.

UTILITY AND PORTABILITY: The RxAir 3000 air purifiers are not only a powerful line, but also very portable. Heavy duty, dual-locking casters and an engineered low center of gravity makes moving the 3000 a very simple task from one area to another. And the 3000CR is built for the most rugged conditions imaginable, yet still easily transportable. It can be deployed in any room in your facility and rolled quickly into another at a moments need. The filters are easily accessible and require no maintenance contract.

Not only do our units effectively remove
99.97%* of all contaminants, irritants and odors from restaurants and bars nationwide, but can be found in some of the most rugged environments imaginable. From offshore oil production rigs to newborn nurseries, RxAir is rapidly becoming the most trusted name in air purification.

*99.97% is the minimal efficiency level. Maximum efficiency is 99.99%. The 3000M models are individually and independently certified with the efficiency test rating.
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