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Restaurants, bars and clubs from coast to coast trust the RxAir name

Hotels, Resorts and service oriented industries trust the RxAir name


  • Compact unit fits almost anywhere
  • Can be wheeled to problem area in a moment’s notice
  • Customers return when the air is clean!
  • Traps particles down to 0.1 micron

Making customers comfortable is one of the first considerations in the hospitality industry. RxAir Air Purification products can help you take a huge step toward reaching that goal. Our patented, 5-stage HEPA filtration system traps all kinds of unpleasant air problems. See below

For small, more isolated areas, the RxAir 3000 is the smoke, cooking odor, dust and germ solution. Almost no indoor air can be free of these pollutants without air filtration.

And, for larger areas where air purification is a must, the RxAir 4500S Smokehandler ™ is the answer. Restaurants, auditoriums, lunchrooms and banquet halls are all more confortable places to be when the air is fresh. Our products help eliminate the need for segregated smoking areas.

Built-in or portable!

The 4500 can be portable or built in during construction or renovation. Contact one of our air purification specialist to discuss pre–construction blueprint phase options for your air purification system.

Typical installation.


Typical blueprint of a phase option for the 4500.

Typical built in option for the 4500.

Our products get rave reviews from customers
across the country.

“They’re good. They work really good. We have a calendar and we change our pre-filters every two weeks.”

Katrina James,
Choctaw Casino, Broken Bow, OK

“The people at RxAIR are scientifically ahead of the curve in air purification. Their units do the job as billed and continuously circulate pure air throughout my operation.”

Hugh Kinley,
Slick Willies, Little Rock, AR

I was astounded at the quality of your RxAir 3000 air purification unit. It is head and shoulders over anything else I’ve seen in the industry. Thanks to products such as yours, hotels, restaurants and lounges can now truly take credit for looking out for the well being of not only their customers but their employees as well”

Dan Murphy, Education & Training Coordinator,

Florida Restaurant Association

Since installing the RxAir 3000 air-cleaning unit, Pruitt (general manager) has noticed a reduction in residual odor after busy work days and nights. In addition, mirrors lining the walls don’t have to be cleaned as often because of a general reduction in build-up. In fact, overall housekeeping efforts, such as cleaning glass and polishing wood, are easier for Pruitt and her staff since the installation of the new system. "Advanced air filtration really makes a difference in the amount of buildup… I’m just very happy with the difference in my mirrors and glass."

Ms. Pruitt, General Manager,
The Cloak Room, Austin, Texas

"Our “Cigar Bar” Hospitality Room at the Texas Package Store Convention was a great success. In part, we owe you a debt of gratitude for allowing us to use two of your RxAir Smokehandlers. Since we had about 150 people in the room at all times and about 80% of them were smoking cigars, your system was a lifesaver. Again, I can’t say enough positive remarks about your air purification system”.

Mark Bermann, Vice President,
Great Discovery’s, Inc., (Humidified Cigars & Accessories), Houston, Texas

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