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Leading hospitals nationwide trust the RxAir name

Prevents spread of diseases in all areas of hospitals

  • Intensive Care Units
  • Burn Units
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Newborn Nurseries
  • Pediatric Units
  • Admissions Lobbies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgical Suites
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Pathology Labs
  • Wound Care Rehabilitation
  • Transplant Patient Rooms
  • Emergency Rooms & ER Lobby
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
  • JCAHO & CDC Construction and Renovation Filtration

There’s really no way to know how many deadly, infectious airborne pathogens that enter your facility each day. But with the RxAir™ 3000M Air Purifier, you can go a long way in preventing their spread. Our patented, five-stage HEPA filtration system insures that a minimum of 99.97%* up to a maximum efficiency of 99.99% of these pathogens are being removed.

*99.97% is the minimal efficiency level. Maximum efficiency is 99.99%. The 3000M models are individually and independently certified with the efficiency test rating.

As patients breathe, these pathogens drift freely through your offices, exam and waiting rooms. Bacteria and viruses are constantly recycling through your ventilation system exposing your staff and patients to airborne infectious pathogens with every breath.

The 3000M protects every area of your hospital

Used in hospitals nationwide, the 3000M protects every area of your hospital. And, when needed, the 3000M can be converted to provide negative pressure isolation in minutes. Because the RxAir 3000M meets requirements of the HRSA Critical Benchmark 2.2 for Surge Capacity Isolation, it could be free to your hospital. And, since this unit was designed by bio-medical engineers in a major healthcare system, the small design details create a big difference in performance. Read more

The RxAir 3000CR is also the first choice of facility engineers for JCAHO & CDC construction nnd renovation filtration. It’s a “ruggedized” hospital-grade air purification system that not only protects your workers inside the work zone, but protects the rest of the hospital, its employees and staff outside from mold spores, dust, fumes and other airborne construction site contaminates.

The 3000M is also ideal for helping smaller clinics and private practices maintain control of deadly infectous airborne pathogens

Doctors’ offices and clinics share the same challenges that hospitals face when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment—infectious pathogens that patients introduce.

With RxAir’s 3000M, the same air purification technology used in hospitals to protect critical care areas from infectious airborne pathogens is now available to protect doctors’ offices and clinics.

Our patented, 5-stage, hospital-grade HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of these pathogens, therefore trapping some of the deadliest offenders. See chart above.


  • Protection against infection from airborne pathogens
  • Less infection spread to staff member homes
  • Safer work environment for a happier, healthier staff


  • Fewer staff sick days
  • Help control rising insurance costs
  • Positive Marketing message about your practice’s care
  • Competitive advantage over other practices


  • Quiet unobtrusive system
  • Reduce chance of nosocomial infection
  • Increased patient comfort
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