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RxAir™ 3000


RxAir™ 4500 Smoke Handler™
RxAir™ 3000CR


PROBLEM: Deadly, infectious airborne pathogens or the need for surge isolation capacity in hospitals. Bio-terrorism preparedness. Cigar and cigarette smoke in bars. Harmful chemical compounds found in places like salons. Mold or sick building syndrome in schools. Asthma, allergies and mold in homes.

SOLUTION: The very portable yet powerful RxAir 3000. Easily accessible filters that require no maintenance.

PROBLEM: Cigar and cigarette smoke or cooking odors in restaurants, casinos, bowling and billiard centers and large banquet-type facilities. Deadly, infectious airborne pathogens in larger medical facilities.

SOLUTION: The very powerful RxAir 4500 Smoke Handler can be portable or ducted into your facility during construction. Easily accessible filters that require no maintenance.

PROBLEM: Dust and fumes from sawing, sanding, painting and drywall. Airborne particulates from concrete and gravel. Sensitive medical facility construction for air purification barrier.

SOLUTION: The very rugged and portable RxAir 3000CR. Available for purchase or lease, it is virtually maintenance free and will protect your workers from breathing harmful particulates.

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