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With RxAir’s state-of-the-art patented five-stage hepa filtration system, you can start breathing new life into your facility as fast as you can plug it in.

From the sensitive environment of critical care in hospitals to the rugged conditions of offshore oil rigs, our units not only excel in performance, but also are engineered to be virtually maintenance free.

RxAir™ 3000


RxAir™ 4500 Smoke Handler™
RxAir™ 3000CR


PROBLEM: Deadly, infectious airborne pathogens or the need for surge isolation capacity in hospitals. Bio-terrorism preparedness. Cigar and cigarette smoke in bars. Harmful chemical compounds found in places like salons. Mold or sick building syndrome in schools. Asthma, allergies and mold in homes.

SOLUTION: The very portable yet powerful RxAir 3000. Easily accessible filters that require no maintenance.

PROBLEM: Cigar and cigarette smoke or cooking odors in restaurants, casinos, bowling and billiard centers and large banquet-type facilities. Deadly, infectious airborne pathogens in larger medical facilities.

SOLUTION: The very powerful RxAir 4500 Smoke Handler can be portable or ducted into your facility during construction. Easily accessible filters that require no maintenance.

PROBLEM: Dust and fumes from sawing, sanding, painting and drywall. Airborne particulates from concrete and gravel. Sensitive medical facility construction for air purification barrier.

SOLUTION: The very rugged and portable RxAir 3000CR. Available for purchase or lease, it is virtually maintenance free and will protect your workers from breathing harmful particulates.

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