Air Purifiers

RxAir™ has long been a leader in air purification. All of our products are backed by the Industry’s Best 5-year Limited Warranty and are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Our air purifiers incorporate RxAir™’s patented 5-stage HEPA filtration technology, comply with NIOSH & CDC Recommendations, and are certified to UL electrical safety standards. They remove particles in the air that carry bacteria, viruses, contaminants, allergens and odors.



The RX3000 was designed by a team of biomedical engineers under one of the world’s largest healthcare endowments, where it was tested extensively to meet the specific demands of the medical community. Designed to the stringent standards of the medical community, the RX3000 can be used for almost any application. The RX3000 purifies air in standard sized rooms and indoor spaces and can be easily rolled from room to room. Learn More.



The RX4500 is based on the same-patented technology and design as the RX3000. Designed to purify air in larger spaces the RX4500 can be vented through a duct system. It’s a perfect solution for restaurants, lounges and gaming areas where cigarette smoke and odors can be a real problem. Typically, we recommend the RX4500 to be permanently installed in a facility and is virtually maintenance fee. Learn More.

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