About Us

Our Story

More than 15 years ago, one of the Company’s founders at the encouragement and engineering support of Baylor Biomedical Services, developed the technology foundation for our RX series of air purification products.

Focused on designing, engineering and manufacturing the best HEPA based air purification system for medical facilities possible a star was born. The RX3000 became the preferred solution to overcoming air purification challenges within infectious environments; 99.97% efficiency, portable, adaptable and zero-maintenance. Since such time, RxAir™ has placed hundreds of its units in waiting rooms to emergency rooms in respected medical facilities nationwide.

Given the success in the Medical industry, RxAir™ adapted its products to be used in the Hospitality industry. The Hospitality market, while harboring some of the same challenges as the Medical industry, included the challenge of removing odors, dust, and smoke particles. The RX4500, better known as the “Smoke Handler”, was, therefore, brought to market. RxAir™ has helped hundreds of establishments clear the air of smoke and debris.

In short, the success of the RxAir™ product line is its ability to filter air at very high levels of efficiency for periods of years without complex maintenance.