Introducing the RxAir® UV Air Purifier System

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Fights bacteria and viruses so you don't have to.

UV Air Pufification System
  • Trusted choice for over 400 Hospitals
  • The best way to protect your family during cold and flu season
  • Tested by independent FDA and EPA certified labs
  • Reduces the risk of infectious illness by destroying rather than trapping live pathogens

The Trusted Hospital Air Purifier

See how we compare to other air purification systems. RxAir is a powerful filterless UV Air Purifier that destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the flu, H1N1, SARS, pneumonia, MRSA, strep, TB, measles and the common cold*. RxAir Kills bacteria that can make it difficult to sleep, and protects those who suffer from respiratory conditions or a weakened immune system. Use RxAir to effectively reduces odors, indoor pollutants, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

*Research by Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski, one of the world’s foremost authorities on hospital airborne infection control, confirms that the RxAir destroys these and many other antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses.

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American Health Journal ABC Featured RXAIR in a hospital durring the ebola outbreaks PBS Feature RXAIR on American Health Journal MSN highlighted doctors and nurses who love RXAIR

Independent lab results confirm the effectiveness of the RxAir.

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Filterless Air Purifier with ViraTech® destroys rather than traps pathogens. Learn How it Works

Improves your environment where it matters most.

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Ease of Use

RxAir is simple to use – just plug it in, press the power button and adjust the fan speed to one of the 17 different speed settings to the desired noise levels. Let RxAir do the rest with its patented ViraTech UV Air Purifier technology behind the scenes to keep the air clean. It’s extremely easy and quiet, we know you will love it.


No need to replace costly, pathogen-laden filters.

Constant Cleaning

Works nonstop to destroy indoor air pollution.

powerful reach

Cleans the air up to 3 times per hour in an 800-square-foot room.

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